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the x factor house 2014

After the performances, the judges narrowed down the acts to 24. All six of the audition episodes ranked first on their respective nights and peaked the highest the following night with an audience of 1,690,000 viewers. "I would never want to lose too much weight," she says. Simon Cowell has ditched American Idol is to launch an American version of his hit UK show The X-Factor.   The characters with cute big-eyes and strange plants in a jungle makes this game more cute and charming. I have also stopped expecting my SO to notice mess, because they never will.

The X Factor One Direction

The current student population, has, unfortunately, significantly dropped after a series of attacks by a religious cult led by Reverend William Stryker . After twenty-four hours, the judge again meets with each contestant individually and delivers the news about whether or not they will go on to the live the x factor house 2014 shows. "  What do you think of the final three that did made it through from the over-25s?"To be honest, I thought the people who did go through, and I love them all, let.