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If you suspect an OCX file is corrupted or contains a virus, run your computer's virus or malware scanner to verify any malicious activity before deleting the OCX file. The message said that the volume was clean. From this point forward, when you insert the drive you will be asked to provide a password or smart card authentication to access the drive, shown in figure G. There is also a new. So if you wanted to run dir from within a program, and not a batch file,. The files open fine if you double click them, but she gets that error when accessing them from a link in her spreadsheet. Create AccountHow it WorksPeople come to TurboTax AnswerXchange for help and answers—we want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge. Otherwise, I would create a simple file based test input and outputwhere I drop a test/sample message. If a line wraps, which usually happens when the registry key is deeply nested and therefore very long, the continuation symbol is a backslash.

Regserver Unregister

Your desktop copies of Office can out of sync if you upgrade your local version of Office, or the SharePoint Admin updates the SharePoint server. If the 32bit dll is in the %systemroot%\System 32 folder, then one should move it to the %systemroot%\SysWoW 64 folder. contact creates a Contact/c ipm. The usual regsvr32 didn't have a problem so I guess it makes the call itself.  It hangs somewhere during the install with msiexec. activity creates a Journal entry/c ipm. if you install Delphi in a VM, it gives you several benefits. See VMware Knowledge Base for a list of known issues about the operating system. Even when running in 32-bit mode, Setup is capable of installing files and creating registry keys in regserver windows 7 64 bit 64-bit locations, and vice versa. did registry error cleaup got every update possible for my computer and i.